Dr. King and Being Positive By Having Faith.


Martin Luther King Quotes

Today, we honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights movement leader. He fought grave injustices against blacks and minorities in the USA, using non-violence, and he was assassinated in 1968. Since 1983, the third Monday in January is celebrated as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This day is dedicated to Dr. King and his contributions to make our world a better place.

This week, Families411.com is celebrating the “Week of Positive Thinking”, and each day we will focus on how MLK used positive thinking to fight for freedom. He faced hate and hostility  daily, but yet, he used his faith to keep on fighting for he never gave up thinking that it was impossible. So, today, 50 years later, we celebrate his memory by:

Having Faith.

MLK had faith, and he faced his adversities head on as he fought for justice and equalities for Blacks and minorities. He had the faith and hope that the situation will get better. He thanked and praised God even in the midst of chaos or trials. When we have faith, we will handle any situation, and don’t waiver in our faith and hope. We don’t become a victim, we become a “victor”. MLK is more than a Victor, he is an icon around the world for hope and inspiration.

In Martin Luther King’s, I Have A Dream Speech, He used the word Faith 5 times, for Dr. King had faith that we shall overcome.

“Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome. And with this faith we will go out and adjourn the councils of despair and bring new light into the dark chambers of pessimism.” -Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘We Shall Overcome Speech’, June 17, 1966.

Until his tragic death, and even though his dreams seemed insurmountable, he never gave up on them. So whatever obstacles, small or big we may be facing, we need to have to faith to go on, and never give up. Even in our darkest days, we have to believe that things will get better and we shall overcome, and get to that Promised Land.

Today my willful intention on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day is to:

  • Have Faith that I will overcome my trials and obstacles.

Honor Dr. King and his legacy today, by taking action now. Don’t let his life and death be in vain. Get up today and do something positive . Share with us in our comment section how you plan to celebrate this day.


Be Thankful for What You Have.


January is the Month of Spiritual Wellness, and every-week, we celebrate a different topic. The second week in January is the “Week of Gratitude, so Families411.com encourages you to spend all week focusing only on the good things in your life. This allows you to celebrate  the present moment, and keep your attention on what is good, instead of the negative.

Today, the question to ask yourself:

Who or What inspired me today?

Remember to say thanks to the person (Who) who inspired you, and let them know how much it means to you. Maybe, it is your spouse who always wake up happy, or the cashier who is always smiling. If it is something (What), give thanks for it. Whether, it is a bird singing, or a rainbow in the sky. Stop, take a few minutes to enjoy the moment, and give thanks for it. Throughout the day, look for somebody or something who inspired you, and really appreciate that person or thing.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV / 

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Share in the comment section who or what inspired you today. Please share our article with your friends and family.


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