We Are Royals: It Runs in our Blood.



Unlike Lourdes in her song, “Royal”, And we’ll never be royals (royals).
It don’t run in our blood. The lyrics from this song are wrong as we are all God’s Masterpiece, and made in His image and likeness. We are Royals and and it runs in our blood. Families411.com celebrates this week as the Week of Hope, and today, Monday, our Topic is:

What Gives us Hope?

What gives us hope to greet each day, and to get through our daily lives during the good times, and especially the bad times or uncertain times?  When we have hope we wait, and we look ahead. Hope gets us through  our trials and our darkest days, and although we do not know what tomorrow brings us, we are prepared to face it by placing our hope in Jesus Christ.

Having a purpose in life gives us hope.

  1.  We are born for a purpose, so what is yours? Maybe to be another civil rights leader like Martin Luther King, Jr., or a scientist who will find a cure for cancer, or a psychiatrist to take care of mentally-ill street kids in India, or simply to make your family the best, or your community the safest. Be the best you.
  2.  So, let us use the talents that we are given, and make the world a better place. When we fulfill our purpose in life, we wake up with a song in our hearts and a pep in our steps. Each day we greet with joy and anticipation for we are happy to be alive.

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