A Race Car Driver’s Legacy.


“One of the gifts that Bryan gave us while we sat next to him praying for some good news, was the moment we found out he was an organ donor. It shouldn’t have surprised us. All of us have felt Bryan’s generosity throughout his life. The gift of life is the most amazing gesture and Bryan will live on not only through us and all the people he touched along the way, but from the lucky individuals that will benefit from Bryan making a decision to be a donor.”

Racecar driver Bryan Clauson: COURTESY OF 44 NEWS

The Clauson’s 27-year-old son, Sprint race car driver, Bryan Clauson died on August 7th, 2016, from  injuries he had suffered in a  crash on the race tracks.

“We weren’t given any hope,” said Tim Clauson, his father.

Bryan was an organ donor. Sure this is what their son would have wanted, his family began a campaign called “Chasing 200” to honor Clauson, with the hope that 200 people would become organ donors. Bryan was scheduled to make history by racing 200 times in 2016. But then this tragedy would turn into a legacy of hope, as his organs saved five other people’s lives. As of date, about 5000 people have honored Bryan’s life by becoming organ donors, so about 25,000 people’s lives have been saved by Bryan’s Clauson’s celebration of life.

Bryan won many championships, but his untimely death has turned into an amazing celebration of life for many. Chasing 200 Campaign is one of the largest national organ donation campaigns ever.

Do you want to honor Bryan Clauson’s memory, register as an organ and tissue donor at RegisterMe.org/Campaign/BryanClauson.

Families411 salutes Bryan Clauson’s memory and his legacy.

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