About Us

Families 411 is about parents paying it forward to the next generation by ensuring that their children have better lives than theirs. It is about empowering the next generation to soar and have a higher level of success and life style. This is our story:

Lester and Rossana Mohammed are immigrants who came to the greatest country in the world over 25 plus years ago, and had one vision: To ensure our 3 daughters have the best education. Lester worked tirelessly for more than 20  years so the girls could have the best education. In the bible, King Solomon could  have asked God for anything, but  he asked for wisdom, and God not only granted him wisdom, but wealth and success. As immigrants, our only dream as Americans was to make sure our kids got wisdom for we knew like Solomon, that everything else will follow. So, as parents, we made all sacrifices, none too big to make sure our kids got”Education” for  as Nelson Mandela said:
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“.
 We would like to add to that: With God, and an education you can change the world. Today it has paid off, for our kids are making an impact on the world.

Our oldest daughter now married, Ravelle Worthington,  has an undergraduate and masters degree in communications from Fordham University. After years of working in news with various companies like CitiCable 3,  The Christian Post and Do Something, she is now a freelance writer. Ravelle interviewed celebrities like Eliza Dushku, Kobe Bryant and Charlize Theron amongst other. Ravelle also interviewed leading forensic psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, author of Inside The Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait. Ravelle now freelances for some of the most amazing publications including SELFEbonyGlamourFitbie,Yahoo! TravelSHAPE and Greatist amongst others.

Ritchlyn Mohammed, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Manhattan College, and a Masters in Psychology from St. Johns University.  She was the Practicum Examiner for Center Psychological Services at St. John’s University for 1 year. Then she was the Crisis Counselor at Mental Health Association of Nassau County in NY from  2012 – 2014 .  For a year Ritchlyn interned at Glen Cove School District as a School Psychologist, and then worked there for several months as the Per-Diem School Psychologist. Presently, Ritchlyn is now a School Psychologist at one of our Nation’s public school.

Kirstin Mohammed is presently a freshman at the number one regional university in the United States. At age 10, with our help, Kirstin formed H(elp) A(ll) L(ittle) O(nes) W(orldwide) E(at) E(very) N(ight). HALOWEEN looks to raise awareness on this issue and to help by having families donate a portion of what they would spend on candy to people who aren’t able to have a warm meal. Kirstin also started bridging the gap between teenagers and Veterans to commemorate and thank our Veterans for fighting for our freedom.
As our youngest Millennial, she will be talking about Teenagers or College  Life or  the Newest Gadget or Apps as a guest writer

Myles Worthington, Ravelle’s husband, has graduated with an undergraduate degree from Fordham  University, and a  masters from New York University. He has worked with major global brands including Gillette, Reebok, UGG for Men, Doritos and Hot Wheels to name a few. In fact, his efforts on Gillette’s “How Does the Man of Steel Shave?” campaign resulted in a 2014 PR Week award for Campaign of the Year. Myles was at one of New York City’s Top Marketing company, and was brought in to lead media strategy for Mountain Dew, a brand that is highly ingrained in both marketing to men and action sports. Presently, he is the District Manager for one of the FANG’S. Myles is also a freelance health and fitness writer for outlets like Men’s Fitness, AskMen, and WOD Talk.

Rossana Mohammed,  as wife and mother, Rossana would be talking about love,faith parenting, relationships and Family Matters, and leading us in Family Matters.

Lester Mohammed,  as husband and father, Lester would be leading us in our hopes and dreams in A Father’s Prayers.

Families 411 is challenging and asking parents to commit themselves to see that their next generation is better off. We owe it to them. So, together, let us pay it forward to the next generation.